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Dear Mom: My Letter to You is a dating sim that offers a story-rich narrative, taking a slice-of-life approach to the genre to develop a more thorough understanding of character relationships. Role-Playing Game mechanics are introduced to choices you make as a player, heavily influencing the game's story and progression. Just as in real life, relationships are built over a long series of moments.

Genre: Slice-Of-Life / Dating Sim / Romance (Yuri/GxG) / Visual Novel

Rating: 16+ 

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: Windows / Mac / Linux (Steam & Itch.io)


Ayame Kawasaki is a spirited girl who has been reclusive for the past year, following a tragic and traumatic incident. Today, she steps out to begin her life anew, repeating her second year at Yamada Hoshi High School. Embark on an emotional journey of loss, redemption, and the bonds that will blossom into meaningful connections, or even love.

  • Female Protagonist & 4 romanceable characters, each with their own unique personalities and story arcs!
  • Point-and-Click adventure where you can navigate to various areas of interest, take part in activities, and interact with characters!
  • Choices and Stats system that impact the events of the story!
  • Partial Voice Acting!
  • Colorful and expressive sprite art and animations!
  • Stunning environments with daytime/nighttime variations! 

Content Warning: Dear Mom: My Letter to You may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be safe to view at work. This game is intended for a more mature audience (16+), as it contains sensitive topics like bullying and suicide.


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Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Meaningful Choices, Mental Health, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, Yuri


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I've played through the demo, and unfortunately I found a bug: if I get my Kindness high enough that Miso invites Ayame to cooking lessons at her house, I keep getting "An exception has occurred" error messages, because the game can't find the file backgrounds/miso_livingroom.jpg so I can't view the cooking scene.

Thank you for informing me of this bug! That chapter of Miso's story was actually supposed to be unavailable in the demo version as it's not complete. I'll make the change so others don't run into the same issue as you did. Thanks again.


You're welcome!


Finally got around giving the demo a chance, 1.2 it seems.

Can certainly see the potential here :)

Ahhh, thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed it! ^^

isthis game have NSFW scenes?

Hello! No, this will not have NSFW scenes.


Thoroughly enjoying the alpha to Project Kawasaki so far! 💜

I did enjoy reading thorougly Project Kawasaki for about 45 mintues till the end of the demo.

The level up system were an neat addition into this.  I can't imagine how the dev can manage this like an RPG. 

The story was decent enough to understand. Ayame Kawasaki is restarting her life in her high school with some usaul high school drama with some students. The only friend so far she made an happy girl named Miso.  I can tell that Ayame wants to get back to an happy life too cos she looks like the postive type from her design and looks.

So, yeah; decent story for the start part, nice friend of Miso, I like how Ayame's life goes so far and getting use to the level up system was neat and good on how to level up from reading books and watching stuff.

Can't wait for more.

Thanks so much for trying it out! Glad you enjoyed the story so far! Haha, programming that level up system was all me with a little help from my brother. :)

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Hi, everybody! If you tried the game, please fill out this survey so I can continue improving the game. Thank you!


EDIT: This form was for the prototype build and is no longer accepting responses. To leave your feedback on the alpha, click on the link above the "Install Instructions". Thanks again!